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Preparing for Your First Family Therapy Session

Congratulations! Your family is ready to attend a family therapy session. Preparing for your first session involves the nitty, gritty details as well as the emotional side of entering into therapy. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first se…

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Many families argue or bottle up anger and disappointment. But it does not always have to be that way. Sometimes, with just a little family therapy, family members can start to see eye-to-eye and return to enjoying sharing time together. Family therapy is…

Family Therapy vs. Individual Therapy

Family therapy involves individual therapy as it relates to interactions. So, in a way, Family therapy is a bunch of individuals going through therapy together. But what is individual therapy?

Family Therapy for the Holidays

Holidays can be a challenging time for anyone, and that's especially true if you or a family member are already dealing with conditions such as anxiety or depression. When you're putting together your to do list for the holidays, you might want to conside…

How Family Therapy Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

Growing up, most people were told over and over again that families were meant to stick together through thick and thin. So when you end up wanting to distance yourself from your own parents, it can become a very painful and isolating experience.