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How Family Therapy Can Help A Child Who Just Found Out They're Adopted

Adopting a child at their birth is a great way to take them out of a potentially negative situation. However, revealing their adoptive state to them later in life may cause some serious problems. Here's how family therapy can help you and your child cope.

How Family Therapy Helps After The Death Of A Parent

Even though we all have had problems with our parents in the past, there is usually love there. That's what makes a parent's death so difficult for so many families. It can often tear them to shreds and leave them without much help of recovery. Family the…

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Many families argue or bottle up anger and disappointment. But it does not always have to be that way. Sometimes, with just a little family therapy, family members can start to see eye-to-eye and return to enjoying sharing time together. Family therapy is…

Has Your Family Lost Everything? Family Therapy Can Help

Losing everything in a bankruptcy is a problem that has occurred in far too many promising families. That's why it's crucial to get family therapy during this time. While it might seem like a cost you can't afford, it may just save your family and inspire…

How Family Therapy Can Help You Build a Healthy Attachment with Your Child

The relationship you develop with your child is a crucial predictor of his successful development. All children form attachments with their caregivers in the first few years of life, and this attachment is representative of how the child feels about her c…

How Family Therapy Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

Growing up, most people were told over and over again that families were meant to stick together through thick and thin. So when you end up wanting to distance yourself from your own parents, it can become a very painful and isolating experience.
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