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PTSD therapy can Change your Life

Many people suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and are not even aware of it. Any bad experience can cause negative emotions or unwanted remembrances. PTSD symptoms often persist for a long time if treatment is not received. There are many d…
Many people suffer from PTSDces. The most commonly talked about type of PTSD stems from Military Combat. However… abuse or natural disaster can also cause PTSD. In fact

Can Cannabis Assist With PTSD Therapy? Researchers Are Looking Into It

Post-traumatic stress disorder, which has been known in older decades as battle fatigue or shell shock, is a condition that affects people who have experienced, or witnessed, traumatic events. While it is natural for people who have experienced trauma to …
people who develop PTSD can never seem to find their balance. They … and a slew of other symptoms. PTSD is a chronic condition…oked until now. Can Cannabis Treat PTSD