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Reducing Anxiety in Kids: Observation and Communication

Everyone gets anxious now and then. But the difference is that when a kid gets anxious, they often don’t have the vocabulary to deal with it. Adults can say, “I’m feeling anxious/worried/tense/stressed out.” But kids don’t often know exactly what is troub…

How Families in Denial Think and Behave Regarding Substance Abuse

Families of addicts are in a difficult situation. They love someone who is lost due to a substance dependence. For many people, a natural way to protect themselves from pain is to avoid the truth. In these cases, it is imperative for everyone (or at least…
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How Family Therapy Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

Growing up, most people were told over and over again that families were meant to stick together through thick and thin. So when you end up wanting to distance yourself from your own parents, it can become a very painful and isolating experience.
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Addiction: How to Heal the Family

As family members of people in active addiction or early recovery, the path to a healthier life is strewn with hurdles and barriers. Frustration and resentment often fuel anger and fear toward the addicted family member, causing rifts and distrust to grow…

5 Reasons Why You Should Seek Family Therapy

Family Therapy? You may have heard about it. You may be interested in it. You may have even wondered if your family needs to try it. Wondering if therapy is something your family can benefit from, can be confusing. If you are in doubt, please contact us, …
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Family Counseling: Picking up the Pieces to Rebuild

Family therapy may be a bit challenging to discuss, at first. Together, we can help break down walls that block healthy boundaries and communication. We can help you work through conflicts that have may resulted in a disturbance in family relations.
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Does Therapy Help For Families Too?

There are issues that come with being part of a family, it's a given. There's drama between siblings, drama between siblings and parents, and drama between everyone at some point. However, the issues that aren't resolved can have long lasting effects. Sib…
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Survivor: Family Therapy Edition

Family therapy sounds scary, right? A time to air grievances, yell, cry, be told how wrong you are. How can this possibly be productive and non-torturous? I'm sure you'd rather spend your time doing anything but all of that, however, your family is dealin…
Family therapy can be used for many reasons. Perhaps ther…t that has rocked your family to the core. Family therapy can help you communicate things in a safe e