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PTSD and How Talk Therapy Helps

By seeing a therapist, a person who suffers from PTSD-like symptoms can learn new coping strategies, begin to comprehend what has happened, and compartmentalize the pieces of the event and how they can fit into the life they are already leading. Mental he…
PTSD some symptoms of PTSD include… a person who suffers from PTSDng life. For more information on PTSD therapy in the Fresno area and beneficial us

Narrative Therapy and PTSD

What narrative therapy aims to do is help the person with PTSD take ownership of what happened to them. With a trusted therapist as their guide, they learn to make a space for their story, how to piece together the details so that they aren't suddenly hit…
many people with PTSD live with reminders of the worst thing th…ened to them. Those suffering from PTSD are often tempted to avoid thinking

PTSD therapy can Change your Life

Many people suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and are not even aware of it. Any bad experience can cause negative emotions or unwanted remembrances. PTSD symptoms often persist for a long time if treatment is not received. There are many d…
Many people suffer from PTSDces. The most commonly talked about type of PTSD stems from Military Combat. However… abuse or natural disaster can also cause PTSD. In fact