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5 Useful Ways to Help Battle Anxiety

Many of us suffer from the effects of anxiety at some point in our lives. There are many ways to reduce the hardship of common everyday anxious thoughts. Here are 5 useful strategies to help you get through your day with less worries.

Struggling with Anxiety and Ways to Alleviate it

Anxiety is something most people struggle with. It is something that, if not controlled can really mess with your day to day life. I believe it is something more normal than we realize and for some, going to seek medical attention is the solution. I want …

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety is known as one of the most common mental illnesses. The good news is, anxiety is manageable. The fix could be something as simple as changing up your lifestyle and incorporating new healthy habits into your daily routine.

Defeating Anxiety Without Yoga

Stress releases chemicals into the brain to prepare the body for "fight or flight" responses. This can be helpful when we are in immediate physical danger, but in modern times, stress can join the party at inappropriate times. Stressing too often can cont…