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Where Does Depression Start And How Can Therapy Help?

Depression affects millions of people around the world and it can seem nearly impossible to beat. The root cause of depression can often seem mysterious to many people, but therapy can help to not only root out depression causes, but decrease the ways it …
ss that should be taken lightly. Depression Therapy Is Adaptable The methods used for depres…. There are many other benefits to depression therapy

Treating Depression by Increasing the Levels of Serotonin in the Brain

You may have heard that serotonin fluctuation in the brain leads into depression. It’s possible that your brain may just not be producing enough serotonin. It may also be the case that serotonin is produced but isn’t absorbed by the brain. Serotonin may n…

Expressing Your Feelings and Doing Something Creative to Combat Depression

Doing something creative can also help combat depression. You can write a poem or short story that expresses how you feel. Paint something or sculpt something. Take photos of things that move you. Make a short film. Anything creative, from cooking a good …

Depression Counseling After the Loss of a Child

Losing someone you love hurts no matter how they died. When a person loses a child, it is beyond devastating to most parents struggling with questions. With Fresno depression therapy, you begin the healing process.
nts struggling with questions. With Fresno depression therapy